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Sell My Jewelry Near Me

Fashion Island Jewelers is Your Premier Jeweler Inland Empire to Buy and Sell Quality Pieces

Are you on an internet investigation for places to sell my jewelry near me and feeling a little lost because you want to know that you will get fair prices for your goods? We are trusted jewelry designers, sellers, and buyers in the area. If you search Jewelry Inland Empire, our name will come up with fair reviews and stunning images of our selection and custom work. We have extensive experience in the business and we take pride in our relationship with our customers because we know if your jewelry buying or selling experience with us is positive you will want to repeat it. We look forward to seeing you again and again as you peruse our inventory and find new treasures each time we put them out on display.


Many people chose to sell various pieces of their jewelry collection for a handful of reasons. Whether you want to cull some of your pieces, are saving to buy another piece and want your sale to fund your next purchase, have fallen on hard times, or you do not want the emotional reminder that a particular piece has attached to it, we are here to help make sure that your quality pieces are purchased at a fair price to you and are available to be purchased by a new jewelry connoisseur.


We are a family-owned company with a rich history in making, buying, and selling quality jewelry and gemstones. You will find skilled artisans quality stones and stunning pieces when you visit our store so be ready to be amazed by our selection. Contact us if you are looking for a particular piece to purchase or if you are interested in selling a quality piece of jewelry. We only buy the best and we look forward to seeing what you have to offer.

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