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Why Women Love Jewelry

Buying a piece of jewelry is an emotional purchase. Especially when one is shopping for an engagement ring. Buying diamonds & jewelry have always been one of the most popular trends for couples during valentine's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, mother's day & religious holidays along with roses as it is one of the most universal symbol of love in a tangible form. Wearing jewelry can represent a lot different personality traits. It can also be symbol of accomplishment, success, confidence, social status or even self worth for those who treat themselves. Everywhere in the world and for centuries woman have worn jewelry for many. It is one of the few things in life you can purchase that ultimately can be owned for lifetime. Some women like to own jewelry for simple fact that it is something that can be passed down generation after generation that potentially becomes a family heirloom. Whether it is an engagement ring that was passed down from your grandmother, or a necklace that your mother received on her wedding day and decided continue tradition. Some women feel valuable when their significant other gives them jewelry. Jewelry for most women is a symbol of femininity. Receiving gifts from your loved ones is always exciting and heart warming but especially if it is something that lasts forever and it a constant reminder of that special moment every time it is worn. I always point out to my customers that jewelry should never be bought or represented as an investment, yet it always retains some value in times of need; especially in gold jewelry. Women that wear jewelry will often get comments like "You're lucky" or "It is beautiful" which not makes them feel better about themselves and boost their confidence but also makes them feel much more valuable. In some cultures only gold jewelry and coins are gifted at the day of their wedding for this particular reason. Women have always loved wearing jewelry and always will. Remember the saying guys a happy wife, a happy life.

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