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What's the most important characteristic in a diamond?

Every diamond has its own characteristic. It is often compared to a fingerprint or a snowflake. Many jewelers will have their own opinion on this topic. Some will state that the color is the most important characteristic as it can be identified with a naked eye if it is too yellow. Some will argue that it is the cut grade that is the most important due to how reflective it is and some will prefer and recommend having the best clarity because they feel the clearer the diamond, the better it will look.

In my opinion every diamond should be looked at as a whole and not solely focused on a single characteristic over others. Buying any piece of jewelry is an emotional purchase & while it is worn it makes a statement. I look at every client differently and do not automatically recommend what I think is best rather try to understand what they would be most happy with. Certain customer would like biggest diamond within their budget while others prefer the highest quality.

Let's start with the analysis of the cut grade in a diamond. Cut grade is determined by a few factors. Proportions, width & depth. Ideal proportions for the table size of a round cut diamond is 52 to 62 percent. Ideal width of every diamond will vary based on the carat. Last but not least the depth range for an excellent cut diamond is 58 to 62 percent. Excellent cut makes the diamond the most brilliant as it can be. It can improve the color grade or even mask the imperfections with its reflectiveness. Cut grade of a non certified diamond is nearly impossible to determine. The cut grade is analyzed in a gemological laboratory using a diamond scanner that will read and report the precise parameters.

Color grade is just as important but based on the type or style of a setting you choose in a ring can make all of the difference. When it comes to color grade of a diamond, it is all about the contrast with its surrounding. Diamond that is graded K color will appear much whiter in a yellow gold or rose gold setting in comparison to a white gold setting. So if you prefer to have either yellow gold or rose gold, portion of your budget can be applied towards a larger carat weight or a better clarity.

Clarity grade can also make all the difference in the world. Black imperfections are usually a turn off for most of the clients due its higher visibility trait. Feathers are very harshly graded while it is being graded by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). GIA is the gold standard and preferred gemological laboratory. Feather in a diamond cannot be seen with a naked eye most of the time.(For more insight on clarity characteristics please reference our blog post ”Understanding Clarity Mapping“) So for instance if you are buying a diamond that is I1 clarity or even an SI2, it is important to look at the diamond on an individual basis. Sometimes I1 graded diamond will look much better in comparison to a SI2 graded diamond. When you have a very nice looking I1 graded stone, it allows the buyer to apply More of their budget towards a better color or higher carat weight depending on their preference.

So don't get caught up in only focusing on one characteristic while shopping or researching for a diamond. At Fashion Island Jewelers, we cater to your need and try making your experience stress free. We stock and source variety of diamonds in different grades with full transparency.

For all inquiries you can get in touch with us in many different ways. You can chat with us through our site, email us, direct message us on one of the social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram or Twitter), call us or make an appointment for an in-store consultation through our website.

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