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Choosing A Diamond

Are you thinking about taking the next big step and asking your loved one's hand in marriage? Are you lost & confused with all the information you have consumed from multiple different sources? I think I can help simplify understanding diamonds.

There are 4 characteristics in a diamond; cut, carat, color & clarity that will help determine the value.

Cut of a diamond is one of the most important characterstic. More proportionally cut diamonds transmit light better and sparkle more. Carat is the weight, not the size of a diamond. Imagine a person that is 6'5 230lbs versus a person 5'5 230lbs. The visual distinction will be different although the weight of both individiuals are the same. This is the same rule that applies to diamonds, cut of a diamond will determine the overall size visual as well the how much it sparkles as shown on the diagram below. 

Color grade of a diamond is determined based off of asbence of color within the diamond itself. It is graded between D-Z. The more yellowish tint a diamond pertains the lower it is graded as shown below.

Clarity grade is determined based off of visibility and location of the imperfection in a diamond. A gemologist will grade a diamond using an 10x powered loupe to determine quality.

So after understanding these 4 characteristics, it is important to narrow down your choices based on these questions.

1) What shape diamond does she prefer or like? 

2)How much do I want to spend?

3)Do I want to sacrifice from size of the diamond or its quality?

Once you have these factors in helping you narrowing down your choices, it will make your search much more effecient and simple in finding the diamond that works best for you.

To read more about Diamond Buying Tips here or start searching your next diamond by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us so that we may guide you in anyway we can. You can make an appointment with our diamond consultant instore or message us with any questions you may have.

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