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Can I Trade In My Old Jewelry?

Simply YES! We love taking in trades from our customers. There are few different ways you can trade in your jewelry. You can trade it in for cash, trade it in towards another piece of jewelry or have it re-designed into something more up to date. The beauty of owning jewelry is that it always holds some value regardless of age or condition. We never claim that buying jewelry is an investment but it is one of the few things you can purchase that will always hold some value.

If you want to trade in your jewelry for cash, please visit our Sell Your Jewelry section to obtain more information about how we can accomidate you.

Trading in your jewelry is very simple. You can make an appointment to visit us in store or contact us for a shipping label so that we may evaluate your item so that we may determine an exact value that we can apply towards any purchase you may choose to make with us. Whether you can want have something completely different custom made, or have your center diamond remounted in a new setting or want to simply to upgrade you center diamond to a larger size or better quality. We do not have any limitations as most places will only allow you to trade in diamonds for diamonds and make the requirement that you spend twice as much as the credit given. We love to work with everybody regardless of their budget, preference and what they are trading in.

If you have any interest in having something customized for you, visit our The Process, once you are ready to start working on something you can upload pictures or sketches of your ideas through our Custom Jewelry Design Center section.

We love what we do, mixture of love for our craft as well as 3 generations of knowledge brings out the best your service that will guarantee to meet and exceed your expectations. We are looking forward to serving you in the near future.

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